Upcoming Public Archaeology Initiatives in St. Croix

Upcoming Public Archaeology Initiatives in St. Croix

Upcoming Public Archaeology Initiatives in St. Croix

Archaeology Days During the Humane Inclusion Summer Camp Experience

July 11-22, 2016 


Tomorrow starts the first day of the annual Earthangle Humane Inclusion Summer Camp Experience with students in St. Croix ranging in age from 3-16. The camp embodies the idea of inclusion because it caters to students of varying abilities, including those along the autism spectrum and introduces all of the campers to the unique wealth of cultural and natural resources available right here in the Virgin Islands. For the second year in a row I will be hosting Archaeology workshops with the campers and having the great pleasure of introducing the world of archaeology to the next generation of Crucian scholars. We are so excited to meet the new students coming on board this summer. Below you can find the flyer for the whole camp experience as well as a schedule for the archaeology workshops.

If you’re on St. Croix and want to get your child enrolled in the camp you can find out more information by visiting the Earthangle website here.

Earthangle flyer 2016                     Archaeology Schedule July 2016


Public Archaeology Day

Wednesday July 20, 2016

Luncheria Courtyard

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI


Hosted by Earthangle, DPNR: Virgin Islands Historic Preservation Office and the V.I. Division of Archives, Libraries and Museums. This event features a gathering of representatives from some of the different archaeological research projects ongoing all over the island of St. Croix. Different groups from the St. Croix Archaeological Society, National Park Service, University of Tulsa, Stanford University, and Mississippi State University will all be coming together for the first time to share their archaeological projects with the larger St. Croix community. Projects range in focus and time period but when brought together these collective research initiatives will foster a deeper understanding of life on St. Croix from the Pre-Columbian era to now and we look forward to having an opportunity to share this work with the Crucian community.

Public Archaeology Day

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