Training Future Archaeologists at College Bound Academy

Training Future Archaeologists at College Bound Academy

Training Future Archaeologists at College Bound Academy


Today, College Bound Academy invited me into their school to talk about my career as an archaeologist with close to 100 elementary school students. The mission of  this school is for every student to go to college and to start this training early in Kindergarten. Exposing the children to different career options is part of this mission, which allows students meet all kinds of people in different careers and can imagine themselves in these roles. It was amazing to engage with these brilliant little scholars as they used tools to not only describe historic pictures and artifacts but conduct their own archaeological excavation as well.

The students asked me all sorts of great questions like
What is archaeology?
What do you do as an archaeologists?
Why did you become an archaeologist?
Can I be an archaeologist too?
Did you go to college?
Are all those artifacts from the past? Like dinosaur past?
Where did you find these? Do you think there are artifacts under us right now?
Do you study human bones? What kind of things can you do with bones?
My dad is a geologist is that the same thing?

Best Comments of the Day
Child looking at historic photo with magnifying glass exclaims– I see a ghost in the window of the house!
After telling the students the green bottle is used for drinking one child exclaims– That’s for grown ups!
After telling the students I went to college and I am now in a PhD program–Wow you went to college three times!
With my magnifying glass I can see rust on the horseshoe that means its really old!

Best Definition Artifacts are things people left behind from way way back in the day and the tell us about culture

The best question I got all day was actually a statement from a little girl saying “When I grow up I’m going to be an archaeologist just like you!” and the whole class agreed and said they planned on doing the same.



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